Why You Just Need a Chatbot for Facebook Messenger in 2019

Why making your customers wait even a minute more when you can get them the information they need with a simple tool that will spare you time and money. Facebook Chatbots are here to give you new opportunities and convenient solutions. Focus your time on real problem solving and leave the simple questions to the bot.
Facebook introduced a service that has the power to automatically engage with Messenger users and it will be the new total must for your business in 2019.

Here are several simple reasons why:

Messenger apps have long surpassed social media networks

“We continue to see a rise in the use of messaging apps for news as consumers look for more private (and less confrontational) spaces to communicate,”  Nic Newman, a research associate at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, said in the Digital News Report.
This information is a red light for all advertisers because it will change the way digital marketing works. It’s no longer enough to have a great number of Facebook followers, but you have to find a way to engage with them through the apps they are actually using and one of them is Messenger. This is a massive marketing opportunity and according to recent research, nearly 80% of the businesses worldwide are already or will be using Chatbots by 2020.

The value of time

The modern user values their time more than anything else. Slow loading web pages and answers that come a day later are no longer acceptable. One way to stay competitive in the modern business environment is to automate as many of your processes as possible. You will get a better response rate and you will save countless hours of work for your employees. And something even better – you will have a 24/7 support for your business, reaching your customers’ high expectation.

Generate Leads

By getting in touch with a person, you will automatically gain a lot of data for their behaviour, their user experience and the path they go on while using your service. For example, asking the user why they are visiting your page and whether they have a particular problem, is a simple question that will gain you valuable insights about your customers and identify their needs.

Re-engage with customers

Although you can’t directly engage with the people who like your page, because this will be quite a spam, once someone has reached out to you, you can re-engage with them asking about the results, or reminding them about an event, showing them your new products, etc. Using the data you have collected, you can prepare some customized offers or special information that will be valuable to the particular person. In addition, at least for now, Facebook Messenger bots get open rates of 70-80 per cent within the first hour. This is eight times better engagement than email marketing.

Chatbots are programmed to answer questions, provide information and execute tasks. They are accessible and friendly helpers that will change the way you interact with your customers. Instead of searching, loading a page, downloading an app or taking a phone call, they will just open messenger and choose the option they need. Easy and even fun, with an opportunity to contact a real human in every step of the way.