The Future of Web Design

Believe it or not, very soon will be looking at the new twenties, but those of the 21st century. Just imagine someone talking about it in the future and not meaning the era of jazz and Art Deco, but the days of flat design and chatbots. The same way the Deco style was modern back then and left some of the most impressive pieces of art and architecture, now we are building the future of design. So, let’s see what our grandchildren will say was modern in the dawn of the new twenties.


Micro-interactions are events that happen every time to take a certain action on a website. Their only purpose is the element of surprise and charm. They aim to make you say, “Ha, cool!” Their most common use was the short sound you hear when you refresh a page or a small dot that appears on your mobile app when you have a notification. However, 2019 will take these moments on higher level – short animations, interactive processes and chimes, everything that will make your webpage feel smarter and more intuitive.

Video content

We don’t have to explain that videos are not something new. Video content will not only diversify your content, but also keep the users who don’t have the time to scroll and read endless text. The new thing is that if you have videos and mixed content, Google will rate your content higher. This made a lot of sites prioritize video content and create materials that are easily searchable and convenient for sharing in different platforms. Last, but not least – 65% of video viewers watch more than75% of a video, which we cannot be said about written text. This will increase your retention rate and give you more time to impress your customers.

Thumb-friendly navigation

We won’t even start to explain again that most people will visit your website from mobile devices and having an amazing mobile-friendly design is crucial. Here we will talk about the next level of user experience – not only having a great design, not even making it look amazing on mobile but putting yourself in your users’ shoes and implementing a firm understanding of the movement of their fingers. In other words – the movement of the thumb should be processed in the web design. Sounds crazy? As crazy as it sounds, the modern user expects a top-level, tailored experience and will pay for nothing less impressive.

Non-standard and bold will be the top approach

We all like the modern, super clean flat design – it’s working, it’s beautiful and it’s easy to use. But being so widely used, it became safe and quite boring. So, the time came when the designers should break the stereotype and turn the user’s experience upside down, to create something unique and to be bold. Expressive and lively, beautiful and catchy, intuitive and useful – combine all of it and don’t forget that the people, who are visiting your site are there for a reason and need to be guided to the information that will help them and bring them satisfaction.