Diversity in Social Media Matters

In social media, we often talk about target audiences, types of consumers, specific behaviour and every other detail that can get us closer to the people we want to reach. However, when was the last time you considered the term diversity in your social media plan? That’s right – you don’t. Because diversity is hard to classify and even harder to determine. We can talk about sexual diversity, religious diversity, age, culture, body and so many more. But in the modern world that we live in – diversity matters. And there is no other place where you can reach a more diverse audience than social media. So, the question is – why aren’t you taking advantage?

There is no reason for marketers and social media experts to avoid the topic any more. Yes, determining such a specific audience can shorten the list of people you will reach, but if they are the right people, this will gain you some quite targeted presence and valuable engagement. No doubt, that it will be a great challenge to adapt your way of communication and to overcome the barriers, but in the future, it will pay off by gaining you engaged followers and otherwise costly reach. We are here to help you set your path and determine your goals on the way. Here are our tips on how to make diversity in social media work for your brand.

Take your time and dig deeper

When we create social media content, we often tend to keep ourselves in certain frames, so it will speak to “everyone”. But the future of marketing communication lays in the personal experience, the customized message and conversation. So, take your time to understand and see the world from a different angle – these are your potential customers. When we talk about diversity, we have people who would like to be heard, understood and accepted. By taking time and making the effort to understand, you will soon become well prepared to create content that will not only fill someone’s feed but to actually say something meaningful, relevant and important.  How to do it? Take advantage of the digital environment; join some groups and communities related to the topic you are interested in, connect with the people you want to reach. Do it with an open mind and just enrol in an open and honest communication.

Be informed about hashtag campaigns

Hashtag campaigns gain more and more popularity in social media and they are quite often related to a specific community or a social disadvantage. Hashtags such as #loveislove, #antibullying, #ThisIsPlus connect people all around social media channels who want to bring awareness to their issues and gain support. These messages are short and powerful as they can spark conversations, engagement and dialogue. Using this kind of tools, you can connect with different people who have similar problems or needs. Engagement with such an audience has to be made with respect and understanding. Also, you have to be prepared for some negative reactions and be able to ease them in a calm and confident manner.

“Earned” content

Owned content is everything that you create for your brand – social media posts, advertising and messages, etc. “Earned” content is organic, the conversations that happen about your brand in channels that are not yours. Being socially engaged, connecting with a diverse audience, supporting and understanding their needs will gain you this kind of content and will build trust and brand awareness for your social image.

Need some more proof about the importance of social media diversity?
If you still are not sure about the importance of implementing new ways of speaking and reaching your audience, just take a look at the new set of emojis approved for release in 2019. Diversity understanding and respect is here and all smart companies should take part and do their best to support it.