How to Keep Your Best Employees

We already told about the importance of employer branding and the advantages of having a good image in the labour market. However, this is only the first step in building a strong and responsible team that will take your business to the next level. In case you haven’t realized it yet, the people working for you are your best asset and without them, you will be just one good business plan.

So, you have the amazing know-how, cosy office space and a ten-year plan for development, but somehow you constantly lose the best people in your team without a particular reason. Sounds familiar? If it does, it is possible that you have some issues and we advise you to stop neglecting them. To help you and your business growth, we gathered from our experience the most common reasons for people to leave even the positions they love and how you can change this trend.

Have an onboarding strategy

Welcoming a new member of your team can be exciting and stressful for both sides. But having a good onboarding process, helping the new person get to know your way of work, organizational culture, routine, etc. will really benefit the way they will interact and blend in the new working environment. Being “the new one” is never easy and you are responsible for creating a welcoming and friendly atmosphere that will inspire the person to do their best. A welcoming day with a new employee can also give you some very useful insight. You will see how they respond to new information, which is the best way they learn new things, how they communicate with strangers and which is the best way to approach them.

Respect differences

Your company can’t be everyone’s favourite place to work and you don’t have to put up with everyone who walks through your door. The way you target your clients, you have to target your employees. Hire people not only because of their experience or because of their great resume, but also because they share your core values and believes. Then – respect them. Respect their different opinion, their way of work, and their needs. If by the end of the day, the work is done, your clients are happy and your team is satisfied and proud of what their work – what does it matter if someone takes ten minutes more for lunch, or works better with loud music on, or needs to leave earlier from time to time? Respect the different ways your people function, be aware of their problems and support them. This way, when they leave the office, they will be happy, satisfied and will become good ambassadors for your business.

Let them do their work

When you hire a professional to work for you, you hire them so they can tell you how the job can be done, not vice versa. If you are going to meddle in the working process all the time, you are wasting the time and potential of both sides. Even worse, you leave the person with the impression that they are not respected, appreciated and most of all – needed. This is probably the fastest way to make an employee lose passion and motivation about their job. In other words – if you have hired someone for their credibility, let them use it and make the best out of it.
Remember, be a leader, not just an employer. Build a team who will work for you not because they need to pay the bills, but because they like what they do and feel appreciated and respected.