Virtual Reality in Your Marketing Strategy? Yes, please!

Virtual reality is the term used when you put the user into the experience creating another world or just a different dimension. This provides a great emotional impact on people using it because it is a new layer in the UX. Since the technology gets cheaper and more widely spread, it naturally becomes a new trend to use in your marketing strategy.

There are many amazing advantages that you can benefit from:

–    A unique experience – by offering VR to your customers, you give them a special, new and personalized experience that can really build up your image as a brand.

–    You will get 100% of your users’ attention – since you put the user’s mind in another place, you can count on their full attention and involvement in the experience.

–    Story-living – you don’t have to make your customers imagine they are somewhere – they are actually there, in the action, making decisions and creating their own story. This builds an emotional connection and even empathy.

–    It is transportative – you can transport your customer anywhere and at any time. It allows them to experience otherwise hard to reach or even prohibited places. In a more practical manner, you can offer them ‘try before you buy’ trial for a product that hasn’t even been launched yet.

–    Flexibility – with different formats and different objectives, you can create an experience according to your budget and implement it for a series of products. From a simple 360 video to a whole other world, you can build up your idea and benefit from this fascinating technology of the future.

This all sounds quite impressive and so much better than the traditional advertising, but does it fits your business and how to use it in your industry? We gathered some ideas of how and in what way you can use VR to build your audience.

VR in tourism marketing

VR and tourism – they fit together like a horse and carriage, in other words – they just make a great team. From just showing a 360 panorama of the hotel, to diving with the dolphins or walking the street of some exotic town, taking your customers to the actual place they are going to visit is something that will make you stand out and place you as a responsible and modern brand with great customer experience from the very beginning.

Here is an excellent example of a hotel in Dubai, which is already using this opportunity:

VR in retail marketing

Retail shops already struggle with their online-based competitors who can afford to cut down prices. Can VR bring back the customers into the stores or will it be even more attractive to shop online while you experience the real feeling of the walk among the shelves? This something we will see in the future.

For now, we can show you a fine example of VR ad that Oreo created for their consumers:

VR marketing in home improvement

Have you ever wondered if something will fit the space in your kitchen or living room? Now imagine that you never will have to do that again. With the help of VR, you can already decorate your home; see how it will look and how it feels. Big brands like IKEA already applied VR in their marketing strategy. It is aimed for customers who are not certain about what they want or cannot make a decision about the colors or the style.

Check their amazing video and all the opportunities that their future customers will have: