Why You Need Infographics

Today’s information flow is so big that most users develop the ability just to scan texts and to actually read only the most important or bolded parts. When was the last time you actually read a whole article that was more than 500 words long? The odds are – a long time ago. So, how do we still create content that people will engage with without writing long pieces or not highlighting half of the text? Simple answer – we use infographics.

They summarize the information and present it in a visual and more apprehensible way. This means you can bring to life the phrase “a picture is worth more than a thousand words” and deliver content that your users will perceive and appreciate.
So, we have the theory, let’s bring the facts. Here are some good reasons for you to use infographics in your campaigns and an actual one from us for those of you who will not read the whole piece.

Half of your brain is involved in processing visual content

Humans are visually attracted creatures. We function manly processing what we see. So, if you want to explain something or attract someone’s attention – combine well-written short text with a proper image, in other words – an infographic.

Infographics are harder to create, thus more valuable

For creating a valuable infographic, you must invest a lot of time in research accurate information, summarize it into a short point and then design it to look compelling. This will present your qualities in different fields and position you as an expert in a particular area. This can be helpful for your business and can significantly increase your brand awareness.

Viral Content

Infographics tend to be likeable and sharable, and who doesn’t want their content to go viral. You can Improve your reach and interactions with your readers and customers by providing them with useful information, delivered in a beautiful and attractive way. Consider creating them in social media sizes, so they can be easily spread around the web.

They improve SEO

Having visual information will bring more traffic to your website. Another bonus is that having a sharable content can bring you more backlinks that are beneficial for your SEO and rank you higher in results. You can improve this effect by adding highly targeted keywords as part of the title, the description and the Meta tags.

Digital can go print but not vice versa

When you have a beautiful set of infographics, you can use them in different corporate materials, client presentations, etc. They are so recognizable and popular as a form of information spreading, and such will be a perfect addition to any brochure, leaflet and offline corporate material you need to distribute.