Instagram Marketing – Tips and Tricks

Do you still use only Facebook for your marketing strategy? Time to move on. If you want to target the younger audience for your products, Facebook is no longer the place to put your money. Instagram is and has been for a while now. It is becoming the leading social media channel for brands that want to attract Millennials and Gen Zs. It is also a great opportunity for marketers because of its visual, vibrant nature and specific features. You still don’t believe? Let’s blow your mind with some numbers!

Some stats

•    Now, Instagram has more than 1 billion active users every month
•    64% of those users are between 18 and 34 years old
•    Having even one hashtag can bring you up to 12.6% more engagement
•    Instagram has the highest engagement rate among all social networks
•    80% of the popular influencers prefer Instagram for branded posts
•    400+ accounts use Stories every day

How to improve your Instagram marketing strategy

1.    Create relevant content

You may think – how hard it can be to post some photos and put several hashtags. The truth is that this won’t take you long but it won’t work as well. Modern users are quite demanding. Your content should be “Instagramable” if you want to reach and engage them. Most popular brands and influencers use a carefully thought-through Instagram marketing strategy that includes – image colours, hashtag research, time of publishing and boosting, image grids, stories etc. And people appreciate them and are quite engage with their content. Therefore, if you want to be an influencer on Instagram, you should put an effort into your strategy and position your brand right.

2.    Use ads that don’t look like ads

Again, here we talk about users who are mostly native digitals. They know all your tricks, they understand that you want to sell them something and they don’t mind at all. However, you should do it the right way and earn their trust. Create content specially made for Instagram and use ads that don’t look like you are selling, more displaying and showing the benefits of your products and how happy they can make the customer. Nothing that directly shouts – BUY NOW! will work on this colourful and young network, where your main goal is to stop the scroll and make a person give you their attention.

3.    Use stories

Instagram stories are here to stay and now is the time to use them and engage your target. Stories differ from regular posts in several ways. They can come in a slideshow format and people watch them on a roll, they are live for only 24 hours but can be saved. Most importantly – they can be different formats starting from a static photo, to video, poll and with some of them, the user can even engage with in different ways. Another benefit is that Instagramers are already used to them and seek them. Some users even go on Instagram only to watch stories. All of this gives the advertisers a powerful tool to implement their digital Instagram marketing strategy.

4.    Partner with influencers

Nowadays, you don’t need necessarily to build your audience, you can use influencers with already built ones. Not only you will reach your prospective customers through someone they already trust, but you can also benefit from their characters and ideas about your product. Choose an influencer who has followers, similar to your target. This is a kind of indirect advertising that will help you position your brand in front of thousands of potential consumers.

5.    Collect and share user-submitted photos

Wouldn’t it be nice to have content that creates itself? No way! Besides, on Instagram, you can use the user-submitted photos. Many big brands generate an enormous amount of this content and they use it to promote their products. The way is fairly simple. Your audience probably wants to increase their followers just the way you do. Therefore, just let them know that you will share their posts if they tag a product or a service of yours. It’s a win-win situation and the users love it.

So, jump on board and give a boost to your Instagram presence. If you need some help – just give us a call! Our team will be more than happy to bring your brand to the next level of its digital marketing strategy.