Marketing Generation Z

In our previous article, we introduced you to the incredible world of Generation Z. These fascinating young people who will soon be the engine of the world and the most targeted audience. Since they are native digitals, reaching them will be easier than reaching any other previous generation, but earning their trust – this will be the challenge. In this piece, we will try to make things easier and share some tips and good tactics for your future marketing strategy.
Having in mind that most of the Zs are still in school, but already forming an opinion and their personal preferences, we came up with five proven ways to connect to them in a working way.

1.      Don’t lie – they will know it

Lying to a generation who is used to having all information in their pockets is not just a waste of time, it will harm you more than you think. Speculate about your business, your products and your actions for a certain cause and you can forget about these new users – the market will crush you. Gen Zs are the fastest to smell lies and pretentious hypocrisy. Therefore, they seek for transparency, open communication and true devotion. Show your true colours, admit your mistakes and you can become a top-of-mind brand. 

2.      Stand for something

The people from generation Z are still really young, so they naturally and sincerely believe in having a cause. Therefore, you have to have one. Growing up in a world so cosmopolite that a simple idea combined with action and the support of the Internet can break a stereotype, change fates and make some real difference, thought them that every action matters. Choose a cause, even a small one, but put your heart in it and they will appreciate it. Make the effort, go a little further and you will have a chance to impress them. If you are smart, you will become a business that they can look up to.

3.      Choose the right media

Yes, of course, most of the people in this generation will still have Facebook accounts, but this is where they chat with their grandma and search for some information, not where they hang out. Don’t waste money on outdated social media. For now, the most popular channels for Gen Zs are Instagram and Snapchat but nobody knows how this will change during the years – update your research and be aware of the new trends, this will save you money and give you the chance to be where your consumers are.

4.      Video content

Simple, fast, effective and useful – the video content is the key to generation Z. A Google research shows that “Gen Zers say YouTube is the No. 1 platform they turn to when they want to relax or cheer up”. It appears that teenagers seek not only entertainment in the platform – 80% search for videos to expand their knowledge, 68% use it actively to learn new skills, to update their knowledge and for help with their education. YouTube is not the only platform you can share videos, with the Story format Instagram is also a huge success in this field.

5.      Be customizable

If Millennials like and appreciate the opportunity of a customizable product, Gen Zs will just expect it. It is not something cool and new, additional feature or a point of difference, it’s essential. The trick here is that you will have to walk a fine line between personalization and the protection of personal data. When it comes to online experience this generation will look for services that don’t just reactively show them content based on what they have already bought or looked at. They will seek the ones that adapt and predict their future needs, gently leading them to a proactively created content.

In other words – marketing Gen Zs will be different, but in a positive way that will improve the strategies and tactics of the brands and we are looking forward to it. This new wave of more open and genuine communication will be the natural development of the digital community and we are happy to be part of it. If you like to join the journey – contact us to help and support you on the way!