Five Ways to Implement Emotional Marketing in Facebook Advertising

Once again, but with a feeling – this is the modern way to implement your products and services in the digital world. As much as we like to think that we are rational, consider decisions carefully – this is actually not true. People are emotional, they feel and, in fact, they like it. They like it when you touch some nerves because they need it. Scary movies, action films, extreme sports – they are all based on this need. So, why don’t you implement all of this in your Facebook campaigns as well? One answer is – you don’t know how, or – you haven’t thought about it. For both options, we have some guidelines and advice for you. Here are some of the ways you can make your customers better engage with your posts on an emotional level.

1.    Use FOMO (fear of missing out)

Probably not something that you have not heard about, but this is a powerful attitude and it is important to use it. The fear of missing out, known as FOMO, is a term used for the increasing need of the digital people to know everything, to be everywhere and to understand the news the minute they are out. According to statistics, nearly 70% of millennials experience it when they don’t have the opportunity to attend an event or be where their friends are – they are missing an experience. So, the way to use it in your FB strategy is to give your users an expiring offer, to show off how many other people are already enjoying your product, make them believe that they are not a part of an amazing community, at least not yet.

2.    Offer Hope

This does not necessarily mean to offer something big to your customers. In the end, we all buy things to improve our lives a little, and this is hope. When you promise someone a little less worries, a time-saving service or a higher quality product for their families – this is hope. We all want to be a little healthier, a little happier, a little smarter and offering these small improvements will make a positive impact on your positioning in the social media.

3.    Help people feel proud

We all need to feel proud of something. This is a satisfaction listed in the psychological theories as part of the personal emotional growth. So, implementing the power of pride in your marketing strategy will give something extra to your target audience. Tell your customers that buying your products helps lower waste and ordering them saves the planet, or it will improve their child’s abilities and knowledge, or that you donate part of their money to a good cause. This will make them feel clever, informed decision-makers and proud customers. If your reasons are good, you can even gain loyal ambassadors for your brand.

4.    The power of the guild

Ah, guild. You know it, right? This little voice in your head that makes you regret something or constantly reminds you that you are doing something wrong. Well, good news – we all have it, even better news – you can easily use it for an innocent manipulation in your marketing strategy. Just remind your customers about their guild and offer them a solution. Ever wondered why gym registrations rise after a big holiday? Motivating self-improvement, growth or some short-term results will grab your audience’s attention and drive you some most wanted results.

5.    Promote the personal approach

Smart marketers know their users and use this knowledge in creating customized offers, messages that will make their audience feel special, part of something and important. Talking directly to your customers and solving their personal problems will help you improve your strategy and will give your brand additional awareness and a place in the users’ minds. Even if you have a generic product, that cannot be personalized – tell people what small personal problem it will solve especially for them. Know your targets and implement feelings to reach them effectively.