Eco-Friendly Marketing

Or, why brands should have an opinion on it.

The topic of the week – Gretha Turnberg addressing the world leaders at the UN climate summit with the words “We will be watching you!” made us look deeper into the problem of pollution and the circumstances we will all have to witness in the near future. The mass reaction of such events and the opportunity for making inform decisions are creating a wave of eco-friendly, consciously choosing consumers who, more than ever before, are concerned about the damages that the anthropogenic pollution is causing to the Earth.
For the marketing world, the eco-trend is not something new, but shortly, it will be important for every brand not only to be aware of it but also to be the active initiator of an eco-strategy and to have a clear statement on the topic. Green brands help the environment, but also they position themselves as responsible companies, employers and gain credibility in their customers’ minds. In this article, we will give you some examples and tips on how to improve your marketing strategy for it to be eco, modern and environmentally friendly.

1.      Make the green marketing a long-term priority

The switch to a more sustainable model is not something that will happen in a day. Make the concept your long-lasting priority and make sure that you use blog posts, social media and the communication with both your customers and employees to share your ideas and goals. The more people you involve in your plan and strategy the better chance to make a difference. This way, if you are honest and transparent about your intentions and efforts, it will lead to greater profits and consumer satisfaction.

2.      Switch from print to digital

For now, some marketing pieces need to be printed – like business cards for example, but everything that can be digitalized is a step closer to a more sustainable and eco-friendly business model. Share with your customers your insight and ask them to support your cause by choosing a digital invoice, catalogue or even Christmas card. These seemingly small steps will result in not only cutting your environmental footprint but also reducing your costs.

3.      Eco-partnerships

For the best result in your future eco strategy, you have to pair up with other organizations with a similar mindset and goals. Support their causes or team up for a bigger idea. Even some small local initiatives will support the major idea of changing thy way businesses function and can give the perspective for bigger events. Take baby steps and gain followers to support the cause, at some point your customers will become ambassadors for your ideas and your brand. 

4.      Make your workplace eco-friendly

Going green is more work but once you establish a system, it will become something that comes naturally. It is not that hard to cut short your office waste. Some small changes will make a real difference. For example – make your employees bring their coffee mug – both fun and eco-friendly, install different recycle bins, drink tab water with a filter, use an application and make your office paperless. These are small things but when you promote eco-initiatives, you have to live them as well.

5.      Spread the word

When you are a business, you sure have a lot of contacts and people who may be interested in your plans. Make sure they get to understand your good practices. Label your products, packaging and even your corporate website with the appropriate eco signs – people recognize and appreciate these emblems and they can make them support your brand or even prefer it among others.

Any change you can make for greener future – go out and make it. The prospect of the entire human race depends on the small steps that every one of us will undertake. Don’t know where to start? Contract us for ideas and support, we are always ready to give a hand.