5 Ways to Create Irresistible Digital Content

Regardless of your industry, these days the best and easiest way to reach your target is through digital channels. Users use different platforms to search you as a brand, to view your products, to purchase and to give reviews. The channel may vary but the way to connect with them is all the same – by creating relevant, catchy content. So, content is still king with no intention to be replaced soon and in this article, we will give you five ways to demonstrate that you know your game in the digital field. 

1.      Determine the purpose

You can’t measure success when you don’t have a goal. Deciding what to say is the following step after realizing why you want to say anything at all, what is the purpose behind your statement. If you want to create brand awareness – tell a story about your company, if you want to showcase your work and gain new customers – create an astonishing case study, if you want to educate your audience about the benefits of your products – write and useful article. Then go back to your purpose. Did you achieve your goal?

2.      Start with a hot headline

Roughly, six in 10 readers only read headlines. If you lose them there, you don’t stand a chance. A well-structured headline will trigger the user to engage with your content. This is valid for all channels – blog posts, emails, social media post, etc. You should make them want to know more. This means that you don’t give away all the information in the title. Instead, you should pose a question or a thesis that intrigues the viewer enough to make them want to click. In social media, emotional and useful titles tend to be the most effective. Examples of such headlines include phrases like “will make you,” “This is why,” or “simple tips.” For B2B businesses, the citation of numbers and statistics can be especially effective.

3.      Diversify your content strategy

You can still write your useful articles and your interesting case studies, but diversifying them now and then with different content will engage your users more and even gain you some new followers. If you don’t have the capacity for creating, for example, a whole webinar, add a beautiful infographic, create a short video or a podcast. Simple changes and more visual content can make a huge difference in your strategy and engagement.

4.      Be a storyteller

Imagine the situation when you sit at the dinner table with friends and you just talk – would you remember to tell them the dry statistic you read during the day or the exciting story about a case that was solved using it? Yes, you will tell the story. And so will your customers. Share your case study, but tell the whole story behind it. This will give you something valuable, something extra, and something to remember and share.  Besides, it will give your brand a more human face, making it a real problem solver in the eyes of the prospective customers or employees.

5.      Go personal when you can

And with the previous point comes the next – be genuine and get personal when you write and create content. Share your real story, tell about your team, about your problems, the way you solved them. Show your working place, your corporate culture, what makes you excited about your work. Tell the world what you do and more importantly – why you do it. If that sounds hard – here is a tip for you: don’t create your content, document it. Create a Live video, tell your users what are you doing at the moment, make them a part of the situation. You never know – this way someone from your audience can give you a different perspective, a brilliant idea or a simple solution for your tasks.
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