Retargeting for Conversion Increase

Getting traffic to your website is great, but making this traffic convert and closing actual deals is even better. When you design your marketing strategy, you need to understand the real goals of your business. Some good numbers on a chart, but no sales have to indicate that you need to adjust your ads in a way that it will benefit your income.
We are here to give you some simple questions to ask yourself when creating your audiences.

Are you getting the right kind of traffic?

Targeting aims to reach the right people at the right place, at the right time. If your current marketing efforts result in high bouncing rate (uninterested users), spammers and bots, then it is time for you to rethink your strategy. The goal is to get better click-through rates and ROI.
First, analyze your traffic, get a deep overview and determine exactly where your visitors are coming from, then ask yourself – which part of them are valuable for your business. Then you have to take the profile of these customers and to develop a narrow target audience, based on them, considering every aspect of their behaviour.

Do you target people who are willing and able to buy?

This is something really important – understand the difference between people who are interested in your content and those who are able and willing to buy it. If you sell cars and target 15-year-olds, they will probably engage and click on your ads, but landing them on your website will not bring you any sales. At least not for now. Unless you are not investing in some really long-term business strategy – target their fathers, don’t waste your ads money.
Another tip – create separate ads for current and prospect customers. If you speak to your repetitive buyers the same way you address prospects, they won’t feel valued and appreciated. It’s much more expensive and time-consuming to acquire a new customer than to keep an already existing one.

Can you narrow your audience even more?

If you are just starting up, you probably have a wide audience. You target any mother with small children or every person in their 20s, living in a certain city. However, when you improve your strategy, you will start to notice that your target is getting smaller and more defined. This may sound scary or even unprofitable because you will pay more for less traffic, but here quality is the key, not quantity.
The people landing on your site will be your people, those who are willing, able and ready to buy. And if you tread them with respect and consideration, they can even become repetitive buyers and fans of your brand.

Are people seeing your messages enough?

One of the main benefits of retargeting and narrowing your audience is that you will have the funds to make your key prospects see your message multiple times in several different channels. The researches show that a person needs to see a message at least seven times before taking action and complete a purchase. Retargeting means that your ad will appear frequently enough, showing your customers exactly what they want to see.
Be constant in this strategy and send a positive message to the right people. Change your way again, if it is not working properly and try another strategy to reach the hearts of your target. Or, consider asking for some professional help – with your knowledge of the products you offer and the handful eye a digital expert, you will be up and running in no time. 
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