The Future of Voice-Powered Search

Do you remember the futuristic movies where someone was talking to a computer and it was answering and taking commands? Well, welcome to the future. The pros of voice search are undeniable – it is fast, it is hand-free, it is fun. More people are getting used to it and it is becoming part of everyday life. This trend is strongly supported by technologies like Google, Alexa and Siri that are already affordable and can be implemented in every home. These helpers can search for things, read a text and even handle small tasks around the house. As we said – fun and useful. When it comes to business, it is the next step you should take in improving your strategy.
But how you can adapt your business for this change?

Understand the language

Get into the users’ minds – when voice searching they may use longer keywords or even whole sentences. This means you will have to optimize your content and keywords in the same way. Just imagine the way you will ask a friend about a service or a place. The users will expect the communication to be as smooth as with another human being, after all – it is talking and answering.

Make it as conversational as possible

When optimizing your website for voice search, use the language your users are most likely to use. Create the content in a conversational tone, grammatically correct and with short but full sentences. It is more likely to be featured if it is presented as a paragraph, a list or a table. If you go with a paragraph keep it below 50 words and with brief information.

Answer questions

The most important feature of your content should be that it answers a specific question. Most people use the voice search to find fast some information that they need in a specific moment, for example, while driving, cooking, cleaning, etc. Think about this and don’t just write – design your answers in a way that they are short, informative and valuable.
Although voice searches did not reach the predicted range, it is still a present trend and a part of the future. It is also part of the personalization process and we believe that it is worth working on. After all, updating your marketing and digital strategy and responding to your users’ new needs is a good way to be one step ahead from your competitors.

Here are some bonus tips:

• Work on the mobile-friendliness of your website. We won’t stop repeating it, if you haven’t done it already – now it’s the time. It should take your site no more than 5 seconds to load (aim for 3) and it should look and work perfectly on any device.
• Focus on local SEO, if you are a local entity – 22% of voice searches are connected to nearby places such as restaurants, bars, gym, etc. 

We have a bunch of other great tips for your digital presence in our blog and we would love to hear your opinion on them. Go ahead and share some thoughts.