Go for Interactive Content

Web content must either educate, solve a problem, or entertain, combining these three. Just like that, you have a winning strategy. It’s crucial for marketing experts to follow the evolving marketing techniques and to adapt to the consumers’ needs. More and more professionals recognize the benefit of interactive content and surveys show that it is up to 23% more effective than the traditional static one.

What is Interactive Content?

Interactive content is the one that the user can get involved with. With the opportunities of the digital world, simply displaying a message is not enough, users want more, they want to be entertained, to get a personalized experience and to be engaged. For instance, there is a simple way to do so – by creating a poll or a quiz for example. The users’ attention spans are dropping and this way you can grab their attention, which will buy you time to impress them and potentially drive a conversion. More engagement means more views, and that leads to more brand awareness, which eventually translates to more customers. And do not forget to have diversity in your social media channels.

And here are 4 ways to use it:

1.      Online quizzes

It can be something simple and fun like – Which city best fits your personality? or What kind of vacation do you need? Above all, those are widely spread and popular, but more and more modern businesses find practical ways of using quizzes and polls to grow their audiences and to generate information about their users. A simple 5 to 7 question quiz can narrow down the products that best fit your customer. Making them feel special and allowing you to offer, for example, samples or one-click purchase and delivery to address of the selected ones.

2.      Calculators and planners

No, not the ordinary one which everyone has on their phone. A one that corresponds with your products and will be valuable for your clients. As an example – a calculating mortgage loan or car loan payments. This will help your customers plan their budget and will bring you traffic and more engagement.

3.      Clickable video content

With the increasing popularity of video format, making it interactive will increase the conversion rate of your content, taking your customers to their personal journey.

4.      Interactive Infographics

This is the next level of the old boring infographic. Everyone is used to this way of visualizing contend. Although it is useful and informative, it can be done better. The interactive infographics can show different data chosen by the user or it can isolate and show particular information.

You’ve probably seen interactive content in some form. Did you like it? Did you interact with it? Share with us your thoughts. Many marketers and companies still struggle with coming up with ideas, but with the development of social media and the features that it provides, it becomes easier and more popular. We are personally thrilled about this trend and we love to add interactive content in our digital plans, so, if you need help with your digital presence – give us a call.