Geotargeting during coronavirus outbreak

During the coronavirus outbreak, our analysis of where the Bulgarians came back from, showed the places in need of additional measures against the infection.

We have applied our technologies for mobile marketing and geo-targeting to locate Bulgarian citizens travelling to Bulgaria from coronavirus regions between 11 and 17 March 2020.

Most of the movement was located in London, Madrid, Cologne, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Brussels, Munich and Istanbul, as seen on the map below.

The location of Bulgarian travelers during coronavirus outbreak

The results of the analysis done by our official partner, the Polish mobile marketing company Selectivv, show that out of 21 421 people with phones with Bulgarian sim card and/or using the Bulgarian language on their phone, who were in European countries, 8104 of them returned to Bulgaria.

Home location of returning Bulgarian travelers coming back from infected regions

It was important for us to respond as quickly as possible and to provide the data on time.” said Slavina Milenova, Managing Partner at Brand New Vision, in front of 24-hours newspaper.

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