In-house Marketing Vs Agency

Which is better: in-house or agency marketing? This is a question that probably every company with an increased need for advertising has considered. In our professional experience, we have worked with numerous clients. Some of them have an in-house marketing team. They delegate only part of their work to us and some trust us with their whole strategy and campaigns. In both situations, we put our best efforts and practices to achieve the high results that our clients expect. In this article, we will take a critical and honest look, so you can help understand and define which approach better suit your needs. 

In-house marketing 

In-house marketing simply means that you have a marketing team in your company. They are your employees and they work only on your marketing strategy and efforts. You don’t use third-party to delegate the work. This approach means that the marketing team is fully dedicated to the brand. They know the company insights and will be fully aligned with the company’s vision, mission and goals. Communication will also be easier because the team is working together and can discuss ideas and tactics directly with the other teams. The pros also can include that this way can be cheaper, there is less conflict of interest and more creative control. The cons of this kind of organizational approach are limited skills and experience. Especially for smaller companies. This leads to some compromises and, at some point, you will probably need a third-party for your projects. 

Agency Marketing 

Agency marketing is an approach to marketing that involves hiring a third party to promote and handle all marketing affairs. There are different kinds of agencies, specialized in a certain field or industry. For example – a digital agency, a creative agency, or one that works only with IT companies. Most agencies are well connected. They have the knowledge and resources to handle different situations. They also have high-quality professionals who combine their work to deliver results. Once a solid relationship between the client and the agency is built, agencies can effectively take on the marketing projects. This may take some time and efforts but it will help the working process run smoothly.

The pros of an agency are numerous. First, they are equipped with resources and experience. They are strict on timelines and have a proven process. In addition, they are full of creative people who work together and can combine their knowledge. The cons of hiring an agency are that they have many clients and they can’t put their full time and attention to your project. They also need time to get familiar with your brand and strict guidelines to work with. But this can be easily overcome with open communication and getting to know each other better. 

We recommend that you analyze your goals and the purpose of your marketing efforts. Open and honest communication between the members of your team and a discussion about their skill set will determine what can be done in-house and which processes you need to outsource to more experienced professionals. Contact us so we can discuss which of our experts will be in help for your business growth.