7 Reasons to Host a Podcast

A podcast is similar to a radio show, but it is played on-demand on a particular app or streaming service. You can subscribe to it and listen to episodes whenever you like on your headphones, in the car, or through speakers. Podcasting is extremely popular these days and if you have ever considered hosting one, here are 10 reasons you should definitely do it.

Attracts leads

A podcast will gather people to hear what you got to tell them and if it is good, they will become fans of your brand or business even if they don’t buy your products. You will generate leads and even ambassadors for your cause or field. 

Become an authority in your field

When you take the time to educate and share knowledge, you become an authority in the field in you operate. In order to speak on a topic for even 15-20 min, you should know your stuff, or at least you have done a significant research. This is valuable and the people who listen to you will appreciate it. 

Build up a valuable library of content

Related to the previous point, you will gather at one place structured and detailed information about your field, you will also seek for the latest news and trends so you stay relevant and interesting. This will build you a whole library with useful data and sources that you can use again. 

Establish expertise and build trust with your audience

When you share your knowledge, you also share your experience and the way you handled some difficult situations. This will establish you as a professional and will build an audience that is already familiar with your work, your methods and your ways. This can gain you some valuable contacts and even in the future – a client base. 

Re-purpose your show content

Do you use eBooks, white papers, blog posts, articles, marketing CD’s, social media posts, etc.? When you already have the content, you can reuse it in different forms, creating a blog, or an ebook, articles, in your social media. Not everyone likes or has the opportunity to listen to podcasts, but you can transform the information and spread it through different channels. This will build your online presence and further help you to establish your brand. 

People can listen to your podcast while multitasking

Your audience can listen to your podcast while doing something else. Unlike videos, podcasts can listen in the car (just imagine how much time a person spends in a car), or in public transport, during work, etc. You can create something valuable and turn your users otherwise lost time in a creative process of learning. 

You can generate positive cash flow from your show from ads and sponsorships

If you are good and you build an audience of subscribers, you can benefit from your podcast even in a more material way – you can start making money from ads and sponsorships, you can even work as an influencer for different brands or become an ambassador for a cause you believe in. 

Last, but not least – it can be a lot of fun and it can connect you with great people who will appreciate your efforts and your knowledge. So, what do you think? Should you start a podcast?