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  • Marketing Tips

    Mobile marketing is the latest addition in the family of online advertising. And so far it happens to be the most effective and powerful one. Using it allows you to reach your target audience on their devices, thus getting larger outreach than many other kinds of media. Nevertheless, like any other kind of advertising it […]

  • In-house Marketing Vs Agency

    Which is better: in-house or agency marketing? This is a question that probably every company with an increased need for advertising has considered. In our professional experience, we have worked with numerous clients. Some of them have an in-house marketing team. They delegate only part of their work to us and some trust us with […]

  • Email Marketing in 2020

    Email marketing in 2020 is something that for many years was discussed as a dying trend, but still, it lives, and it has even more to give than before. The challenge here is that the hard sales messages are directly sent to spam and remain never open. In March 2019, spam messages accounted for 56% […]