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  • Marketing Tips

    Mobile marketing is the latest addition in the family of online advertising. And so far it happens to be the most effective and powerful one. Using it allows you to reach your target audience on their devices, thus getting larger outreach than many other kinds of media. Nevertheless, like any other kind of advertising it […]

  • The New Era of Mobile Apps

    How in 14 days the mobile phone has transformed into a virtual mall?

    The world is facing another challenge – the global pandemic caused by COVID-19. What will be the medium and long term consequences of the coronavirus and how will the economy be restructured?

    One of the effects that are currently being reported is the increase […]

  • Geotargeting during coronavirus outbreak

    During the coronavirus outbreak, our analysis of where the Bulgarians came back from, showed the places in need of additional measures against the infection.

    We have applied our technologies for mobile marketing and geo-targeting to locate Bulgarian citizens travelling to Bulgaria from coronavirus regions between 11 and 17 March 2020.

    Most of the movement was located in […]