Brand Awareness for Nestle Lion

Nestle gave us the exciting opportunity to bring our heads together and find a way to promote their product Nestle Lion during the 2018 Football World Cup. Our goal – to raise further the brand’s awareness and sales among the football fans by becoming a vivid part of their specific community. Our team created a digital campaign that built a huge awareness among existing and new customers and became a vivid part of the football fans’ community, while driving sells significantly.
The campaign’s mechanics were simple, yet effective: when someone buys a Nestle Lion bar, they can register on a specially designed and themed promo page. Then they have the opportunity to become a real-time commentator during a World Cup Football match aired live from Russia – in front of a big audience, gathered to watch it at the trendy Sofia Ring Mall. Or, they could watch the very same match, together with friends in a private hall at a cinema.

Furthermore, there was an opportunity to win the right and handpick 5 friends, create a team and – just like the professionals – play against other teams on a football field. At the end of the day, everyone was a champion, happy and positively energized by Nestle Lion.

brand awareness

Published: June 25, 2019




Nestle Lion

Nestle Lion is a combination of chewy caramel, crispy wafer and crunchy cereals covered in chocolate - a substantial, multi-textural, that gives both energy and delight.