Brand Identity and Marketing Strategy for BAKIES

One day a brief landed in our agency. A sweet brief that asked us to create from scratch: name, logo and to position strategically a brand new patisserie. Once we started, we developed an overall marketing strategy, we created a personalized logo and corporate materials. They were just a piece of cake to work for. They needed to be beautiful, elegant, sweet and boutique. Following the requirements above, we created a website, social media channels, as well as meaningful package design.

Our team created a cosy, comfortable and sweet feeling along the purchase journey for every single potential client of Bakies, turning the Patisserie into a place of aspiration.
Although Bakies is located far away from the capital city of Bulgaria (in fact it’s some 140 km from Sofia), customers are happy to find their way to this new, yummy Wonderland.

Published: June 26, 2019



Bakies is a cozy, boutique bakery situated in the town of Velingrad. It offers exquisite and intricate cakes for all the occasions you can think of. Its customers can choose from many deliciously unique pastries and sweets.