Branding, Print and Web Design for Agrisphera

Agrishpera is a project that we started from scratch in terms of brand building and corporate identity – with the brand name, a catchy slogan, a thoughtful logo design and beautiful corporate materials.

First came the name – Agrisphera, inspired by the idea of gathering different producers of agricultural products in one place, in one joined sphere, where agricultural producers can find every liquid fertiliser they need for their business.

Then we needed a catchy slogan for the brand – “Boost for Success” came naturally in the context of soil fertilisers. Last but not least, we designed a simple, yet beautiful logo, with clean lines that combine the shapes of a flower, leaves and a sun.

Having all this prepared and approved by our client, we easily came up with the beautiful and bold corporate materials that will stand out with colours and interesting design.

Published: June 25, 2019



The AGRISPHERA team works closely with the agricultural producers across Europe, and scientifically defines and comes up with profitable solutions, both in terms of sustainable growth and stable profits.