Creative campaign “Did you hear” for Investbank

Our client Investbank challenged us to create a catchy way to introduce their new personal loan. Not an easy task, but we did our best to make it interesting, fun and successful.
The idea of “Did you hear?” aims to capture the public’s interest, making them start questioning. The concept is clear, but at the same time provocative.

The vision is a single object which catches all the focus. It’s precisely chosen so that it corresponds with the product, called Spring personal loan. Simply – you see it and it intrigues you. It combines the idea of bunny ears – sweet and big, hearing everything, and spring leaves that could be easily changed for the next season.

The idea was so well accepted by the client and the public, that we created a series of concepts for every season of the year.

Published: June 18, 2019


Investbank AD is a licensed commercial bank offering а full range of banking products and services. It has a 25-year history on the Bulgarian market. Investbank has a well-developed branch network with over 120 branches and offices throughout the country and over 700 employees, providing modern service and professional bank counselling.