Marketing and Digital Strategy for Wellness

Prestige Wellness is the healthy addition to the family of the longstanding Bulgarian leader in manufacturing sweets, Prestige 96. Our task was to create a complete marketing and communication strategy. They challenged us to introduce this innovative and healthy product in an attractive and interesting way.

We started with in-depth research of the market. Based on the results, we created a stunning series of visual and communication materials, BTL and brand activation activities. We created a communicating strategy, incorporating special video, digital strategy and positioning the products in a summer event.

As a result, we increased brand awareness and the sales of the products. In addition, we supported the healthy lifestyle and the benefits of natural products.


Published: June 21, 2019


Prestige 96

Prestige 96 is a Bulgarian producer of sweets. They proudly stand with their name behind the products as a guarantee of high quality and great taste.