Package Design for Troy Wafer

Our challange was rebranding the Troy Wafer but also keeping the overall look-and-feel of the brand, launching a new Troy wafer (without communicating any specific flavour name), coming up with a catchy and relevant slogan, and, at the end of the day – a significant rise in sales.

For the package of the wafer, our design team boosted the design by adding more visual flavour and 3D graphics of the actual product. The Classic Troy Wafer turned into a truly yummy, appealing and desirable product, without any retro feeling. Furthermore, we created from scratch the Gold Troy Wafer, thus turning it into a shining star that became an instant success all over the country.

Оur next step was to come up with a POS material revealing in a simple, yet elegant way both wafers, thus leading consumers to an easy choice: just take two.

Published: June 18, 2019


Prestige 96

Prestige is a Bulgarian producer of sweets. They proudly stand with their name behind the products as a guarantee of high quality and great taste.