Web Design and SEO for Operator.bg


perator.bg is specialised in offering exclusive subscription programs and it is a leader in providing the lowest prices for the represented services.

Even though the demand for such service is ultimately high, most of the traffic on the site was coming from paid search channels which impacted the revenue directly. The website needed to improve the performance from organic search channels in order to optimise the budget exhaustion and to increase the ROI.  


We created an SEO strategy plan with dedicated content based on the incoming data from the top performing channels. After analysing the keywords, channels and revenue streams, we developed a content strategy compatible with the website usage, the searches in different search engines and we determined the target segments with high conversion potential. The main goals of the strategy were improving the overall performance of organic channels, populating the different segments and increasing the ROI.


During the campaign period, we achieved first place ranking in targeted keywords,  87% increase in the organic traffic, 88% increase of the new users on the website, 60% increase in conversions and 67% revenue growth.

Published: June 18, 2019



Operator.bg is an online marketplace/platform connecting telecoms, internet providers and tv suppliers with customers who are searching for the best deals for bundle services through the web.